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Safety and Security

This page is provided as a public service of Code Electric.  Here, we provide you with a wealth of downloadable information so you can increase your security in a world of increasing threats.  No one likes the thought of becoming a victim, but it is those who are prepared in advance who are far less likely to become such a statistic. Most of this information is considered 'public domain,' so feel free to download, save and print it.  

These files are in Portable Document File (.pdf) format and we have attempted to keep the files as small as possible so they will download in minimum time for our dial-up customers.  They can be viewed, saved & printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.   If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

General Safety Tips

What you should have in a home first-aid kit (23Kb)

Ten simple tips to increase security (5Kb)

A longer list of twenty two tips (23Kb)

Basic security checklist (6Kb)

An extended security checklist (42Kb)

Securing doors  (8Kb)

Doors and door locks (184Kb)

Bumping locks (7Kb)

Your first line of defense: the homes exterior (5Kb)

Increase security with proper lighting outside (5Kb)

How to secure attic accesses and hatches (3Kb)

Security for garages and sheds (4Kb)

Proper installation of house numbers for emergency personnel (8Kb)

How your homes' location affects security (4Kb)

Window security (5Kb)

Bees, wasps and other stinging insects (8Kb)

Water hazards, including pools and ponds (11Kb)


Bicycles, scooters and similar items (8Kb)

How to choose a babysitter (7Kb)

Back-to-school safety tips (11Kb)

How to evaluate playground safety (12Kb)

Selecting safe toys for children (38Kb)

Computers & Telephone

Basic computer security (9Kb)

Put telephone scams on hold (24Kb)

Online banking (20Kb)

Identity Theft

How to prevent and detect identity theft (22Kb)

Defensive steps if your identity or personal information has been compromised (46Kb)

Safes and firearms

Household safes for documents, jewelry and other valuables (10Kb)

Gun safety (13Kb)

Fire Safety

How to prepare a fire escape plan (11Kb)

Selecting and using a fire extinguisher (54Kb)

Smoke detectors for the home (20Kb)

Dangers of carbon monoxide (6Kb)

How to prevent cooking fires (7Kb)

Candle safety (12Kb)

Grills and Bar-B-Que safety (8Kb)

Wood-burning stoves (12Kb)

Sprinkler systems (11Kb)

Safety Away From Home

What to do when you see and/or hear emergency vehicles (10Kb)

How to handle vehicle fires (9Kb)

What to look for in places of public assembly (8Kb)

Vacation security checklist (6Kb)