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Power Outages & Other Emergencies

This page is provided as a public service of Code Electric.  Here, we provide you with a wealth of downloadable information so you can be prepared for unexpected emergencies.  Winter storms, floods, tornados, fire and terrorism all can have devastating impacts on our lives.  But we can mitigate certain disasters by being prepared well in advance. Most of this  information is considered 'public domain,' so feel free to download, save and print it.  

These files are in Portable Document File (.pdf) format and we have attempted to keep the files as small as possible so they will download in minimum time for our dial-up customers.  They can be viewed, saved & printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.   If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

Readiness Preparedness Kit 

This is a large file (2.1Mb) on all aspects of disaster preparedness that may take a while for dial-up users, but is well worth the time.

Power Outages

Power outage (5Kb)

Red Cross information on power outages  (130Kb)

Information on using portable generators  (6Kb)

Using a generator  (6Kb)

Calculating the size of a generator needed by wattage (7Kb)

Important facts about the need for transfer switches (70Kb)


Steps to take before a flood strikes (5Kb)

What to do during a flood  (5Kb)

After the flood  (6Kb)

Cleaning up following a flood (5Kb)

Saving photographs (5Kb)

Tsunamis (11Kb)

Winter Weather

Cold weather clothing, frostbite, and hypothermia (5Kb)

People with disabilities ((8Kb)

Tips for seniors (4Kb)

Winter driving dangers (5Kb)

Winter and your car

Preparing an automobile for winter weather (6Kb)

Starting a cold vehicle (6Kb)

Proper method to jump-starting a vehicle (49Kb)

Safe winter-driving tips (6Kb)

What to do if you are stuck (5Kb)

Steps to take if you are caught in a winter storm (5Kb)

Special tips for SUVs and similar vehicles (97Kb)


Fire Facts (11Kb)

Preparing in case of a fire (6Kb)

Tornados & Hurricanes

Fact sheet on tornados (9Kb)

Tornado information (429Kb)

Hurricane fact sheet (12Kb)

Lightning & Thunderstorms (10Kb)

Natural Disasters

Being prepared for an earthquake (9Kb)

Protecting your home against an earthquake (9Kb)

Earthquake facts (11Kb)

Landslide & mudslide facts (13Kb)

Volcanos (10Kb)

Wildfire facts (12Kb)

Wildfire preparedness (10Kb)

Man-Made Disasters

Hazardous Material facts (12Kb)

Radiological information (12Kb)

Facts on terrorist attacks (7Kb)

'Dirty Bomb' fact sheet (8Kb)

Chemical & biological attacks (14Kb)

Home & Pet

Take a home inventory and be prepared for any calamity (14Kb)

Food storage  (12Kb)

Preparations for service animals (107Kb)

Pet preparedness fact sheet (10Kb)

Heat-related illnesses (13Kb)

Business & Organization Tips

Tips for businesses (60Kb)

Links to other useful sites:

Department of Homeland Security

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross’ Prepare.Org

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

Small Business Administration Disaster Preparedness

Safety Central, a private company providing preparedness kits for all types of emergencies.  (Code Electric does not endorse this company, but provides this link only as it represents the availability of commercial products for disaster preparedness.)

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

The Weather Channel

United States Geological Service (USGS)