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Working with Underground Utilities.

Iowa law requires all builders and homeowners to contact Iowa One Call prior to performing any excavation.  Iowa One Call will perform a public utility locate service.

However, you may need to have a 'Private Locate' performed if you wish to locate any services or utilities that are not publicly owned.  These may be electric, telephone, cable TV, satellite, security systems,  or any of a host of other utilities.

What is the Difference Between a Utility Locate and a Private Locate?

Beneath our feet runs an ever-growing web of underground infrastructure. This underground infrastructure is critical to our way of life , constantly providing oil and natural gas, telecommunications, electricity, water, sewage, cable TV, and other vital products and services constantly. Disruption of any of these underground facilities could affect the safety of the public, the environment, and continued service reliability that could impact our entire economy. This is why marking underground facilities in not just a good idea but the law.

Excavators and property owners must ensure that all underground facilities are marked prior to excavation. Quite often, this can be achieved by simply calling the state One Call, but the One Call Center only provides coverage to those utility mains and services owned and operated by utility companies. It does not provide coverage for privately owned buried infrastructure.

Code Electric has been providing quality, professional infrastructure protection services to homeowners and builders alike, locating and marking their buried utility mains and services up to the gas, electric meter and telephone demarcation points. This is what is known as a Private Locate.

Code Electric also offers the same quality, professional locating services to those with privately-owned utility lines. Privately-owned utility lines typically run from the utility companys meters to clustered buildings (in the case of a university, hospital or office park) or to a homeowners swimming pool. Other examples of private utility lines exist, but in all cases, getting these private underground facilities marked and located is the responsibility of both the excavator doing the digging and the property owner on whose property the digging will take place.

Whether you are a utility company with hundreds of miles of buried underground facilities stretching across several states or a property owner, contractor or excavator concerned about unknown and invisible underground infrastructure, Code Electric will give peace of mind.

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An all cases of a private utility locate, the customer must sign a release acknowledging their understanding locating is not an exact science, and not all underground lines or structures can be located.  To view a copy of this release, click here.